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Want an efficient home?

Skyrocketing energy prices aren't good news for our old houses that are poorly insulated.  

My philosophy is always to aim for the most cost effective solution to improving your home energy performance.  Lay it out clearly and simply so you know how to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home while reducing your gas and electricity use.

We also can't manage what we don't measure, so undertake a comprehensive survey using smart meter data, temperature and humidity readings along with building information to arrive at a smart HTC (Heat transfer coefficient) figure.  For more information on our methods click HERE

More reasons to get our advice

Totally impartial

Salesmen will always claim their product will make the biggest difference to your energy use but this just isn't true.  We take a holistic view on all methods to reduce your energy use and this will start with the most cost effective ones.

Proven increases in efficiency

Using accurate measurements of energy use and temperature data means we know how much energy your house is losing.  We can also prove the efficiency gains and corresponding reduction in energy by re measuring heat transfer after improvements have been made.

Increased Home Value

A well insulated home with a higher EPC (Energy performance certificate) rating is a more desirable and therefore more valuable home.  Investing in the fabric of your home will not only save money on your bills, it will incease the value of your property.

Find leaks and blockages

We will conduct a survey using thermal imaging which not only identifies draughts and cold spots it also will show water leaks that may not be visible.  It will also show up blocked pipes and inefficient radiators that can be fixed relatively easily.  

Assess current insulation

You may have had loft or wall insulation fitted that is no longer performing well.  Loft insulation may have been moved by electricians and not put back correctly or damp may have penetrated the wall cavity reducing its effectiveness.  Whatever, we will review how effective your current insulation is and identify areas to improve.  

Get ahead of Government regulations

New regulations in April 2023 mean that a house cannot be let without having an EPC (Energy performance certificate) of a "E" or above which rises to a minimum of a "C" in 2025.

Previous data using our software has found that over 60% of homes perform better than EPC estimates of energy consumption which will enable a higher rating.

Get the right Heat pump or boiler

One of the biggest gripes with Air source heat pumps is that they don't heat the building sufficiently.  This is often due to a poor understanding of your heating needs and the building's performance.  Our surveys will enable accurate sizing of your heat pump or boiler and even measure the new heating requirements once home improvements to insulate and reduce draughts have been completed.

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